Linked30 - 30 Days to LinkedIn Personal Brand Mastery

Matt Vaadi
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Build a LinkedIn Personal Brand and Create an Audience in 30 Days WITHOUT Spending Hours Every Day!

Join the Linked30 Day Brand Challenge.

A proven system for building your brand on LinkedIn.

This is a 30-day course that will help you grow your personal brand on LinkedIn and increase demand for your expertise.

Start Growing Your Impact Now!

Create and grow an incredible personal brand so you can...

  • Grow your LinkedIn following
  • Create more demand for your services
  • Scale yourself online

How it Works

  • 15 LinkedIn training videos
  • 30 proven copywriting frameworks
  • templates and worksheets
  • access to a community

By the end of this 30-day program, you will know the fundamentals of building your personal brand on LinkedIn.

This approach will allow you to

-> Increase your followers

-> Grow your footprint

-> Increase your brand impressions

-> Improve the conversions on your profile

-> Create new opportunities

You'll learn the systems, templates, and frameworks to write consistently engaging content.

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Linked30 - 30 Days to LinkedIn Personal Brand Mastery

0 ratings
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